Bulletproof fixtures

Optimal protection even in the most strenuous conditions

The great strength of GINKO lies in its ability to create high-quality security doors and windows, capable of guaranteeing high levels of burglary and/or bulletproof security.

To guarantee innovation and safety even in the most challenging conditions, GINKO offers bulletproof windows specifically designed to withstand armed attacks and which can be successfully installed both in residential, professional or industrial contexts.

For its bulletproof windows (such as ATENA 110, INVISIO, IKONA BULLET), GINKO has obtained various certifications up to Class FB6/NS,    in compliance with the UNI EN 1522 standard.

A specific example concerns the IKONA BULLET 3300 JOULE windows, subject to resistance tests to the penetration of armoured bullets calibre 7.62×51 and calibre 5.56×45, and which have optimally passed the tests.

Bulletproof fixtures

Bulletproof windows to protect your most private spaces

GINKO bulletproof windows arise from the growing need to protect the most precious and private spaces from intrusions and unwanted risks. Since the need to defend a residence, an office or a commercial structure is individual and variable according to several factors, our goal was to design a line of security doors and windows that could guarantee top-of-the-range performance even in the face of a high-hazard potential.

The products we manufacture not only ensure a high degree of ballistic protection, i.e. extreme resistance to firearms, but also other types of impact. All this, without transcending a clear aesthetic and excellent scenic impact.

Our line of bulletproof and anti-burglary windows not only guarantees a very high degree of protection for goods and people but also exceptional performance in terms of thermal and acoustic abatement, helping to reduce energy consumption and increase living well-being in indoor spaces. The top-of-the-range performance of our bullet-proof fixtures line is also associated, as always, with an exclusive design with maximum aesthetic impact, since investing in safety does not mean having to give up on beauty.

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