Ginko Safe Design srl is a leading manufacturer of aluminium safety fixtures.

We are a dynamic and competitive custom manufacturer that delivers superior quality standards.
Since the beginning of our activity 25 years ago, we aimed at finding solutions for passive security by focusing on quality,reliability and efficiency of our products over time.

A passion for security and care for customer satisfaction,combined with the quality of its products, allowed Ginko to reach the highest levels in research and development of security doors and windows with a high rate of technological innovation.


Our strength is the ability to produce quality products, which guarantee high levels of anti-burglary and/or bulletproof security..

The great flexibility of the Ginko production allows to customise each supply also meeting specific needs.

Our mission is to offer customers valuable, durable solutions.

The entire range of doors and windows made by Ginko has been carefully designed and patented, after passing the stringent tests of the most renowned institutes, who certified the actual security level.
We are aware that the security and protection of people at home and in the workplace depends on the reliability of our products.

We monitor the production cycle continuously to make sure the customer receives a finished product made in a workmanlike manner.

Maintaining the highest quality levels is an ongoing commitment for Ginko.

To offer solutions that keep their value over time, for all its security fixtures Ginko uses a structure composed of extruded aluminium equipped with armour and accessories made of stainless steel. The quality materials employed ensure long-lasting beauty,operation and, above all, security of the products.
Thanks to our experience, passion and commitment, today we can proudly say that our security fixtures have been awarded the highest Burglary resistance and Bullet Proof certifications, both at the Italian and international level.


It’s the combination that makes all Ginko products unique.

Our security fixtures are designed by experienced designers, to give a neat and modern aesthetic appearance to the products enclosing their technological complexity.

Our range of solutions for security is unique because of the minimal design and the endless customisation possibilities offered to the customer, that integrate with any architectural style.