The new Invisio Pivot

Invisio Pivot is the latest addition to Ginko.

This is the new version of our Invisio product in the RC4 burglar resistance class, already on the market for several years. This version consists in the improvement of some technical aspects and the introduction of the pivot opening. The pivot door is a symbol of hidden perfection: the concealed hinges and an invisible vertical axis allow the door to open both inwards and outwards, allowing doors to be built to a very large size.

The design, as well as safety and clean lines, focused on the possibility of customizing your door with multiple solutions. Panels of every finish, internal electronics for every need and, for example, the insertion, instead of handles or handles, of a vertical bar-handle perfectly integrated in our product.

Invisio Pivot is just the latest of this year’s many new features for our company, which has no intention of stopping to continue to experiment and create unique windows and doors, maintaining the constant safety.

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